Versatile Device Positioning Stand/Mount

COMPATIBILITY - Fits most 7"~10" tablets and iPads on the market. Includes 1/4" Tripod Adaptor
Manufacturer: ZMC

Adapters for various devices to be fitted to ZMC Device Stand

Base options for ZMC Device Stand


ZMC positioning kit for tablets, iPads, and cameras is sturdy and offers versatile adjustments.

Professional and semi-professional digital content producers will enjoy enhanced productivity and those living with special needs will benefit from infinite positioning capacities for use with adaptive communication technologies.

Contents & Specifications:
Main Frame Dimension: Legnth : 12.5in. extends to 17in. , 1.5in. Diameter
Weight: 1.5-lbs.

Universal Tablet Bracket
Device width or length: 7.6"-9.6“ (194mm-243mm)

Tripod/Camera Adapter
Male 1/4" Thread

C-Clamp BaseClamp
Thickness: 3/4in. To 3in.
Weight: 2.5-lbs.